Executive MBA

    Transform your professional horizon and become a digital leader


Audencia's Executive MBA is a triple-accredited (EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA) diploma course, which is ranked among the world's top EMBAs (Financial Times, The CEO Magazine, SMBG, EDUNIVERSAL).


With nearly 100 participants per year and 7 nationalities represented, our programme combines a close-knit learning environment with all the benefits of scale.

Our Executive MBA is delivered in:

At the end of this course, participants obtain the Audencia Business School Executive MBA diploma.
French students are also awarded a Level 7 state certificate (formerly Level I) registered with the RNCP, “Manager-Directeur d'Unité Opérationnelle - Manager-Director of Operational Units”, (CPF code: 249188).

Key features

  • Training duration : 72 days, 18 to 36 months, part-time
  • Admissions criteria : 8 years of professional experience and 5 years of managerial duties (in a hierarchical, project or departmental management role)
    Candidates who do not meet these prerequisites will be required to take an internal Audencia test during the selection jury process.
    Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
    Accessible through VAE > More information
  • Selection : Application file and interview
  • Training price : €38,500 for Nantes (not subject to VAT) - Eligible for the CPF
  • Next session : NANTES: April 24, 2023
    Application deadline : applications will be accepted until April 6, 2022
  • Location : Nantes, Alger



  • Really boost your leadership and impact.
  • Develop your ability to understand, analyse, resolve, recommend, and facilitate your decision-making.
  • Gain confidence, legitimacy and adaptability. 
  • Share your experiences and confront your points of view #IntelligenceCollective.


  • Broaden your cross-functional vision of the company's operations
  • Support your company's development with innovative solutions and growth levers.
  • Strengthen your management fundamentals with powerful new approaches and practices,
  • Master the fundamentals of change management. 
  • Understand digital transformation to make it a lever for performance and opportunities. 
  • Develop your international business vision.


Nantes, Alger

Audencia's Executive MBA is a part-time programme that can be taken as a bilingual in Nantes, from 18 to 36 months. 

The teaching approach is participatory and experiential, i.e. focused on practical application and skills development.

A wide range of varied learning methods are used: e-learning, case studies, role-playing, simulation, project communities, etc.

The lessons are structured according to the flipped classroom concept: 

  • Preliminary reading and prior understanding of concepts, via the virtual campus or reference books.
  • Review of the fundamental concepts by the lecturer, work on real case studies of companies from a wide variety of sectors, discussions with the participants to provide them with new insights.

The programme is based on an alternation of theoretical and practical sequences where each theme will be the subject of an exchange in class.

Participant profile

  • Average age of participants: 40 years old
  • Number of nationalities: 7
  • Professional experience: 15 years on average (varies slightly depending on where the EMBA is delivered)

The diversity of profiles in each class plays an important role in encouraging the sharing of experience.

The class sizes are between 20 and 25 participants across all of our sites (Nantes or Algiers) which allows for significant interaction between participants and faculty members.

IN THE WORLD, The CEO Magazine, EMBA 2020
IN FRANCE, Eduniversal des meilleurs EMBA 2020
IN FRANCE, The CEO Magazine, EMBA 2018

Programme & Admission

34 days to enhance your Executive standing

  • Strategy & Innovation (Strategic Management, CSR, Innovation Management): 7 days.
  • Management of people and organisations (Organisation & Change, Human Resources Management): 6 days.
  • Performance & Forecasting (Performance Management, Business Plan): 5 days.
  • Financial and Legal Management (Financial Analysis, Corporate Finance, Corporate Law): 8 days.
  • Process & Supply Chain (Supply Chain Management): 2 days.
  • Strategic and Tactical Marketing: 6 days.
  • Economic Issues and Globalisation: 3 days.
  • Digital Transformation in Nantes for year groups based in France: 3 days.
  • 1 “IS Management” seminar: 2 days.
  • 2 learning trips (10 days) themed around digitisation of companies of all sizes. For cohorts based in France, these two learning trips usually take place on two different continents.
  • TrackTeam Building: 1 day.
  • Personal development & Leadership (Stress Management, Team Leadership, Change Management, Negotiation Skills, Self-awareness, Managerial Communication, Coaching & Team Motivation): 7 days.
  • Business Ethics 2 days.
  • Individual coaching sessions: 3 per participant.
  • Each participant can personalise their course by choosing to take 2 option modules (5 days in total).
  • These two options will be delivered in Nantes OR in Paris. The final list of available modules for each of the Executive MBA formats will be released a few months after the programme has begun.
  • Option modules will cover subjects essential for executives: Strategy, Finance, Leadership/Management, HR, Supply Chain, Business Development and Management, etc.

All participants will attend individual tutoring sessions, a project management course (2 days) and group coaching (3 days) so that they can successfully complete their project. 

Thus, the strategic project management should enable each participant to:

  • Provide a source of ROI for their company.
  • Complete a project on establishing or taking over the management of a company.
  • Support a start-up company in its development phase.

Completing the strategic project represents the culmination of all of your work on the diploma course. Developed as the course progresses, it allows participants to make the link between concepts, knowledge and the specific challenges within their company.

Completing the strategic project represents the culmination of all of your work on the diploma course. Developed as the course progresses, it allows participants to make the link between concepts, knowledge and the specific challenges within their company.

The benefit for participants

Are you a future participant who is negotiating with your company to finance your training? Here are some key points to raise with your HR department or manager!

  • You will be working on a strategic project related to the issues at stake for your company.
  • Hold a constructive brainstorming session for yourself, and for your company, with a view to pooling your acquired knowledge and skills.
  • Provide practical solutions to a genuine business problem.
  • From the diagnosis to the action plan, the project is comprehensive and offers a global perspective.

The benefit for companies

Calling all companies, Managers, and HR Directors: train your talents and boost your organisation’s performance. Here are a few key arguments that will encourage you to take the next step!

  • The strategic project provides you with practical content, methods, tools and recommendations that can be applied immediately.
  • It offers an opportunity to take a fresh look at your organisation’s performance and its environment.
  • The project is monitored and challenged by a qualified Audencia expert and professor.
  • A final presentation will be given in the presence of your management team to demonstrate the work put into the project by the employee and their commitment to the company.

First and foremost, Audencia offers a seminar in partnership with a leader in French Edtech. This bootcamp gives participants the chance to work on three themes:

  • Awareness of the role of digitisation in business strategy.
  • Knowledge of digital business models (legal economics, uberisation, etc.).
  • Managerial approaches brought about by digitisation.

Developed according to a blended-learning format, this seminar is delivered in Paris over 3 days and then continues remotely via an SPOC (Small Private Online Course), offering an experiential, immersive and innovative training approach.

In addition, participants take a course on the economy and globalisation, as well as on strategic information systems management.

Lastly, our two Executive MBA Learning trips introduce each participant to ground-breaking digital technologies in an international and multicultural context. These seminars, through conferences, visits to companies, associations or governmental organisations, provide an opportunity to better understand the conditions for developing digital operations in the countries visited.

As a preamble: pre-admission interview (strongly recommended)

After having made known your interest in the course, you will be invited for a discussion with your recruitment manager. This personalised interview makes it possible to assess the suitability of your career objectives and personal goals with the aims of our programme and to suggest the right format for you, if necessary.

Your contact person will also help you gain a better grasp of the programme, the organisational measures you need to implement and the admission process.

First stage: The application file

You complete your application form online:

  • A curriculum vitae.
  • A cover letter.
  • A certified copy of your qualifications.
  • A document attesting to your professional experience.
  • An approval letter from your company if you are currently employed.
  • Two letters of recommendation.

Your TOEFL or TOEIC test score if you have already passed these tests. If not, you will be given the opportunity to take an internal test at Audencia during the selection jury process.

If the required academic level (bachelor’s degree) is not met, or in the case of “borderline” applications, a GMAT score, a TAGE-Mage Executive score or an equivalent internal test will be required.

Second stage: Selection jury if your application is selected

This jury is held at the Audencia Business School site (or remotely depending on the circumstances) and generally comprises two stages:

  • You will take an English test or a management aptitude test, if required by Audencia Business School (VAP, “borderline” application file).

- You will be exempted from these tests if you passed a TOEFL/TOEIC or GMAT/TAGE EXCUTIVE test within the last three years.

  • In an individual interview, you will be required to explain your professional background and the reasons for your choice of training project to the jury.

Third stage: Final decision

The selection jury will then decide whether to accept or reject your application within a week, and you will be notified of this decision immediately.


  • Continuous assessment (case studies, sub-group work sessions, individual and collective reports, etc.).
  • Sitting exams for certain modules.
  • Writing an applied dissertation and a viva presentation as part of the individual strategic project.

The diploma will be awarded after validation of each modules.