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MBA Community

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The Audencia MBA Community offer: immersion in a multi-cultural community and promising ecosystems

                                   Mickaël Naulleau - Audencia MBA Community Director 



Well done to all the Audencia teams who swung into action to ensure educational continuity for our 3,000 students, with more than 7,000 hours of remote learning in the form of lectures and exams.


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To celebrate its 120th birthday, Audencia will be putting on 120 important events, from January to October, in France and abroad.


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Go and discover new ecosystems worldwide! This unique experience enables immersion in the local culture, highlighting of entrepreneurship and a focus on digital transformation.


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Executive MBA

Criteria of admission : 4 years of higher education, 8 years of professional experience and 5 years of management responsibilities.

Location : Nantes, Dakar, Morocco and Alger 

Training duration : 18 to 36 monthes, part-time

Next training : 21 April 2021

#DigitaleTransformation #Leadership 

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Criteria of admission: 4 years of higher education, a minimum of 3 years of professional experience. Fluent in English. Validation of GMAT or GRE.

Location: Nantes

Training duration: 12 months, full-time

Next session: September

#International #BusinessManagement

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MBA Chief Value Officer

Criteria of admission: 4 years of higher education, 8 years of professional experience and 5 years of management responsibilities (project level, hierarchical or functional).

Location: Paris and distance learning.

Training duration: 72 days, over an 18-month period.

Next session: March 2021.

#ResponsibleLeadership #CRS

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The Audencia promise

To guarantee academic excellence with the possibility of personalising your learning path (according to tastes, interests or desires)
To offer a multi-cultural learning experience via inter-programme interactions and projects
To belong to a cohesive IMBA international community (students, alumni, partners, businesses, etc.)

Audencia’s values


Why choose an MBA ?

To educate yourself and be capable to handle the complexity of the fundamental stakes in the world of today and tomorrow
To gain awareness of yourself and others, to nurture your talent as well as your potential and to develop personal as well as career goals
To open up and discover yourself, to leave your comfort zone, to travel and explore different spheres (cultures, sectors, etc.) while developing/strengthening your own agility
To develop your strategic capacities and cross-functional vision of businesses
To share your experience and compare viewpoints
To broaden your vision of how a business works and support its development


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Access to more than 5000 employements and traineeships opportunities

Access to a personal career accompaniment, (session with consultants, whorkshops, etc)


Access to events organized by the network, for the network, face to face or distance learning (Afterwork, webinar, thematic club...)


Maria Camila from Colombia - MBA 2016

Maria Camila from Colombia - MBA 2016

Global Customer Business Manager at Danone in Paris

"I'm very happy in France. Paris is a wonderful city and you can find amazing compagnies to apply to. You meet very intelligent people so you can learn from them. I work in a very diverse team, which is very enriching."

Gildas Allais - EMBA Paris 2018

Gildas Allais - EMBA Paris 2018

Founder of WIKANE

"I joined the Audencia EMBA after leaving my last job as Business Unit Director.

I wanted to consolidate my years of professional experience with academic input into business management in an international environment.

During my career, I moved from technical to managerial positions, by means of intuitive management and common sense, but without academic reasoning. This is therefore what I was looking for by joining Audencia’s EMBA, especially in finance, strategy and marketing.

I developed during this course, thanks to the contacts with colleagues from my year group, with professors or on international business trips.

When I joined the course, I was a “student” looking for a new direction. On completion, I created my own development consultancy for SMBs as part of a franchise. It is something I would definitely not have considered if I had not benefited from the EMBA experience!

Thank you Audencia."

"After graduating with an MBA from Audencia,I was offered a mission, in French-spealing Africa on the premise that I had raduated from a school in France althrough my French wasn't great at the time. The mission was a success and led to more opportunities. When you work with multicultural teams, the more languages you master the easier it is."

Luis from Venezuela - MBA 2008

Luis from Venezuela - MBA 2008

Director of Commercial Programme Management

"The best surprise I had so far is how French society is so international yet so traditionnal. France has done an amazing job in retaining its culture, language and lifestyle. I interact with people at work who are Franch but value the international setup." 

Samer from India - MBA 2017

Samer from India - MBA 2017

Sales Process Coordinator at Google in Paris

Robin Sauzet - EMBA Nantes

Robin Sauzet - EMBA Nantes

Administrative and Financial Director - Lowly

"After 25 years of salaried work in which I managed some great projects, I felt the need to take stock and open myself up to a world that was constantly changing.

I needed time and training in order to understand everything that had happened over 25 years and everything that was going to happen today and tomorrow.

This is why I decided to turn towards Audencia’s EMBA in order to reconnect with this changing and innovative world.

Apart from the course itself, it was also the exchanges with other participants and the learnings trips which pushed me to go further.

With determination and sure of want I wanted to do, at the end of my EMBA I decided to start my own business with 3 colleagues from my year group.

This experience in entrepreneurship brought me the fulfilment I was looking for and it is partially thanks to my experience at Audencia that I have got to where I am now”.